1.【Steel Structure】
  (1)Light steel structure
  (2)Type C and Z steel
  (3)Main spare parts
 2.【Multicolored profile plate】
  (1)Pressure-type color steel plate
  (2)Antique Color watts
  (3)Composite steel floor
  (4)Polystyrene panel
  (5)Mineral wool sandwich plate
  (6)Glass sandwich plate
  (7)Polyurethane sandwich plate
  (1)the structure of display
  (2)external effects
  (3)Internal effects
  (4)quick room light body
  (5)part of the project list
  Beijing Victory Steel Structural

< /table>

   Project name

   Floor space
   Fujian Zhang Continent Power plant 123 phase of workshops   23000
   Shandong golden light glass group   38000
   Tangshan Hui Da (group) Limited company   35000
   Colombian young people activity center   36000
   Inner Mongolia Xilinhaote power plant   7200
   Inner Mongolian gardening flowers and plants center   11200
   Stone medicine group Inner Mongolia synthesizes manufactures drugs   34000
   Hebei Fengning Shuanglong gold ore workshop   4080
   Henan Zhengzhou international vehicle city automobile exhibition hall   36700
   Tianjin Shunchang Revertex Product Company Workshop   7000
   The Hebei Tangshan constructs in the dragon Iron and steel company the wide band workshop   41000
   Inner Mongolia Huifeng Import-export company   11000
   Jinan Steel mill   68000
   Qinhuangdao Jupiter Brewery   26000
   Changli flour mill   8800
   West Shanxi small level ground fire-proof material company   18000
   Abundant reaches the cement plant   3600
   Jing County blue sky board industry Limited company   10000
   Round the world stone material center Processing workshop   4520
   North US and Saudi Arabia exhibition international exhibition center storehouse project   1250
   FAW (group) company   12000
   South Korean three star companies   20000
   Shanxi Taiyuan 743 factory 170-10 constructions   8000
   Inner Mongolian Ulan Bator commercial building   9800
The Inner Mongolian east wind rides the dragon automobile exhibition hall   3800
   Japanese Atongmu Corporation Workshop, office building   5000
   Hangzhou Matushita Electric appliance Main plant   20000
   Beijing Keddy thinks of the circuit wafer Limited company   1300
   Clean Xin special sanitary equipment Limited company   800
   The people art theater dances energetically the beautiful central warehouse   650
   Yanshan Petrochemical plant steel structure main body   7300
   Beijing energetically Great Wall building materials Limited company   1960
   Beijing Austria space traces the lumber yard   1200
   Beijing Bright Lamps and lanterns Factory   504
   Beijing Witton glass Limited company   1700
   North national capital abundant veterinary medicine factory   8150
   Chinese People's Liberation Army 301 hospital roof garage   1000
   Beijing Guanzhuang benefit river shaving board market   30000
   Beijing deep packs the product Limited company especially   1950
   Anhui Huai Abundant Automatic Instrument and meter plant office building   2100
   German Abundant Valuable Construction Mold Factory   1200
   Swallow suburb synthesis wholesale market   2800
   Beijing Bright Navigation Machine shop   8000
   Beijing High Long Leimeng Clothing Company Tong state production base   8000
   Minute temple commodity recycling company   11000
   Shunyi India airport Hongyuan physical distribution storehouse   9600
   Beijing day distant equipment commodity Limited company   4200
  Tongzhou District Internal Revenue Service roof superimposed layer   420
   Beijing golden eagle copper industry limited company workshop   1000
   Tongzhou District finance bureau roof superimposed layer   1089
   Chaoyang District construction project examination center   1650
   East China Musical instruments factory Guitar Workshop   4200
   Beijing ultra reaches the construction decoration project limited company swallow suburb base   5804
   Beijing Miyun Xin armed forces cloud technological progress Limited company   4362

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