1.【Steel Structure】
  (1)Light steel structure
  (2)Type C and Z steel
  (3)Main spare parts
 2.【Multicolored profile plate】
  (1)Pressure-type color steel plate
  (2)Antique Color watts
  (3)Composite steel floor
  (4)Polystyrene panel
  (5)Mineral wool sandwich plate
  (6)Glass sandwich plate
  (7)Polyurethane sandwich plate
  (1)the structure of display
  (2)external effects
  (3)Internal effects
  (4)quick room light body
  (5)part of the project list
  Beijing Victory Steel Structural
Beijing Victory Steel Structural Engineering Company was established in 1983.Over the past two decades,we have gained ample experience in design and construction,and have become a reputable enterprise specializing in manufacturing lightweight steel construction and multicolor steel plates.
  We have all along insisted on survival and development through science and technology.At present the Company has a batch of professional engineers,designers and skillful technicians.We adopt modern management mechanism,integrating product development,design,production,sales and construction,able to provide full service including design,manufacture,processing and installation of various lightweight steel multicolor board products.We adopt internationally popular lightweight steel construction systems,which put us in a position to provide fundamental guarantee for optimization and perfection of building system and quality.  

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  "Customer satisfaction" is our eternal pursuit;tomorrow will see us growing stronger,with more advantages to create a better future with you.

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