1.【Steel Structure】
  (1)Light steel structure
  (2)Type C and Z steel
  (3)Main spare parts
 2.【Multicolored profile plate】
  (1)Pressure-type color steel plate
  (2)Antique Color watts
  (3)Composite steel floor
  (4)Polystyrene panel
  (5)Mineral wool sandwich plate
  (6)Glass sandwich plate
  (7)Polyurethane sandwich plate
  (1)the structure of display
  (2)external effects
  (3)Internal effects
  (4)quick room light body
  (5)part of the project list
  Beijing Victory Steel Structural

   Our advanced production lines are made in Italy, produced many styles clad plates,
such as metal materials/metal materials/metal materials/soft materials/soft materials/
soft materials'PU clad plate. Production ability of hard materials PU are 800,000_ and
soft materials PUR are 1,200,000- per year.
production characters:
Advanced production lines ensure our production's good quality, such as good thermo
insulating property, erosion resistance, fire retardancy and so on. Especially fit
for wall panel, refrigeratory, container and some pipelines. It's a perfect building

 Polyurethane roof  
Polyurethane Wall Plate

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