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   Before continuing the registration, please first to read【Beijing Victory Steel Structural】Website agreement

   Welcome you to join【Beijing Victory Steel Structural】Participates in the exchange and the discussion,【Beijing Victory Steel Structural】For the public website, for the maintenance on-line public peace and order and the social stability, asks you on own initiative to observe the following provision:

    First, do not harm the national security, the revelation country secret using the home station, do not encroach upon the national society collective and citizen's legitimate rights and interests, do not manufacture, duplicate and disseminates the following information using the home station:

    (one) stirs up the resistance, the destruction constitution and legal, the administrative rules and regulations implementation; (two) stirs up the subversion state power, overthrows the socialist system; (three) stirs up the divided country, the destruction country to be unified; (four) stirs up the national hatred, the ethnic discrimination, the destruction national unity; (five) fabricates or the distortion of fact, the circulate rumour, the harassment social order; (six) publicizes the feudal superstition, obscenely, the pornography, gambling, the violence, the murder, the terror, to instigate the crime; (seven) insults other people blatantly or fabricates the fact to slander other people, or carries on other malicious attack; (eight) harms the State agency prestige; (nine) other violate the constitution and the law administrative rules and regulations; (ten) carries on the commercial advertizing behavior.

    Second, respects mutually, is responsible for own opinion and the behavior.

    Third, the home station attaches the registration item:

    (One) the home station resources do not need the registration then to use;
    (two) please do not use the bored digital user name or other inelegant word, will otherwise not verify passes!

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